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Top 10 Best Acts of 2019

Did you know there are over 40 different stage acts and performances at the Ohio Renaissance Festival? From singing to comedy, stunt shows to animal acts, everywhere you turn you will find a different display to enthrall and delight your senses. Every year, ORF does it’s best to put forth some of the most skilled […]

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Rennie Recovery

After nine long weeks of bending yourself into a circle, the Rennies of the Ohio Renaissance Festival are packing up for the winter! Even as the blogger I can tell you a lot of your mundane life gets shoved off to the side to make room for the energy and time it takes to work […]

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Festival’s Favorite Foods

Nothing beats faire food! The Ohio Renaissance Festival goes all out to provide a variety of options for you to choose from. Around every corner is a food stall, a snack booth, or a pretzel seller offering you a tasty treat. We all have our favorites, I personally love the gumbo from KJ’s Cajun Cuisine. […]

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Faire Swag

Go to a concert and take a good look around. You’ll be able to tell who in the audience is a newcomer versus a long time fan or roadie without even speaking to them. They’ll have a t-shirt that was only available at a tour ten years ago. Maybe their jacket was signed by the […]

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