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Found Families at Faire

Right now, at this very moment, millions of people are avoiding their families by spending every hour of the day in crowded stores fighting over the best bargains they can get their hands on. When they get home they’ll raid the fridge which is probably packed to bursting with a small hoard of leftovers which […]

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Keeping Busy During The Offseason

After the run ends and the lanes are emptied of guests, we tend to think of things being over until summer comes again. The truth is faire never stops. Even as we all get prepped to settle in for a long winter, ORF is pushing forward to bring even bigger changes to the grounds for […]

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Elizabethan Harvest Festivals

Winter in England was no joke, especially in the more rural communities. Seaside villages were buffeted by storms and many country villages were isolated from the larger cities when the weather was bad enough. Hard frost, freezing rain, and deep snows sometimes lasting well into April. Difficult traveling conditions often kept people at home, or […]

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Best Costumes of 2019

You may have noticed, but I have a bit of an obsession with garb! And I’m far from the only one. Every year we get to see people display their creativity and skill through their costumes. There is such personality and thought put into these. ORF is an opportunity for people to really flex their […]

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Top 10 Best Acts of 2019

Did you know there are over 40 different stage acts and performances at the Ohio Renaissance Festival? From singing to comedy, stunt shows to animal acts, everywhere you turn you will find a different display to enthrall and delight your senses. Every year, ORF does it’s best to put forth some of the most skilled […]

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Rennie Recovery

After nine long weeks of bending yourself into a circle, the Rennies of the Ohio Renaissance Festival are packing up for the winter! Even as the blogger I can tell you a lot of your mundane life gets shoved off to the side to make room for the energy and time it takes to work […]

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