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Feast of Fools: Comedy & Community

Something I love about ORF is how often it surprises me. Along with the scheduled entertainment and returning seasonal acts, if you stick around a while you may find yourself coming across one of the many little ways in which the faire displays our pride. It’s not window dressing when I say ren faire is […]

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ROMANCE: Sweethearts at Faire

“I am a gift-giver and also words of affirmation!!! I love to tell my partner how much they mean to me.” – Dakotah Phineas Wilkins on Love Language What better way to make bold proclamations of love than under an ivy-wrapped trellis? Want to declare your affections? Make eyes at one another over a banana […]

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VIKINGS: Raiding & Trading

With three weeks left of ORF21, Viking weekend tipped the scales with plenty of fun from one end of the grounds to the other. We get some of the most enthusiastic guests during this time, with many taking the opportunity to dress in their nordic best with historical and fantasy-inspired Norse garb. They invaded with […]

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2021 is a heck of a year for time travel and I mean that in the best way possible. Flouting the time-space continuum has always been a popular theme, with stories such as H.G. Wells The Time Machine and Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court being counted among the most notable. The […]

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