I am a gift-giver and also words of affirmation!!! I love to tell my partner how much they mean to me.”

– Dakotah Phineas Wilkins on Love Language

What better way to make bold proclamations of love than under an ivy-wrapped trellis? Want to declare your affections? Make eyes at one another over a banana stuffed crepe or put a rose in your partner’s cleavage? There is no better place to spend Sweetest Day than a renaissance festival, which is why Romance Weekend coincides with this October holiday. As the weather takes a turn for the chilly, couples wrapped up in cloaks visit the Ohio Renaissance Festival to take advantage of the merrymaking and spend a day celebrating love in all its beautiful forms.

Snacks and treats. I love to cook or bake something. Checking in on them throughout the day when I know it’s been a bad day. And touch. A big love language for me is just touching my partner.

– Keshia Runyon on Love Language

This year’s Mass Vow Renewal brought out the big crowds into St. Peter’s Church with couples holding hands and leaning on one another. As they listened to the beautifully spoken words of Bobin reciting the lessons of love as it exists in an imperfect world between imperfect people, it drew to mind the strength it takes each day to hold a person close and allow yourself to be vulnerable to them. We are none of us immune to the pressures of the world, but to share those troubles with another and have their support makes each day a little more worthwhile.

The Cinncinati Barbarians held a very exciting event this last week when they auctioned off some of their dashing knights for a date at ORF! After a hearty battle between friends, there was a rush of winners to the field where they were presented with a rose from the hand of their chosen knight and a dinner with them at the 1572 Roadhouse BBQ. The fighters were very sweet, happy to answer questions about their armor, their combat training, and stopping for photos along the way.

My love languages are primarily gifts and service, with lots of touching. His are words, time, and touch. We live four hours apart so we spend A LOT of time Skyping. We also give gifts like books and coffee.”

– Susan Morriss on Love Language

Some of the best ways to show your love are the simplest ones. A lot of folks out here take the time to dress in matching garb or cosplay as their favorite, romantically intertwined characters. I love watching whole families come out in garb, showing off their love of the festival and one another.