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Community Spotlight: ORFans

In previous blogs we talk a great deal about how easy it is to become a part of the ren faire community. From cast members to crew, playtrons to boothies, it feels like there are plenty of ways for people to become a part of our ever-expanding family. That being said, sometimes it can take […]

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Why We Go To Faire

Faire gives me the freedom to be me. I love to dress up and be someone else for the day. It takes me out of my mundane day to day and into a world of magic and adventure. It’s a community of people like me who are such a major support system and family.” Halee […]

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Veterans of ORF – Courtney Beekman

Imagine if you will a theater troop. Each member assigned their roles, devoted to the part, and committed to making the play a success. Through rain or shine, wind and snow they take the stage to tell you a story. Only instead of tales of knights and dragons, it’s the story of an unassuming little […]

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