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Meet the Cast – 2019

A few months ago we talked about why people choose to join cast and what it takes to make it through the auditions process. The next two months are full of rehearsals spent running around in the sweltering heat and pouring rain. And it is as you go through this gauntlet of training that you […]

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New Acts Coming to ORF in 2019

We’ve only got two weeks left before the 30th Anniversary of ORF, and I think everybody is ready to hear the first canon fire! It excites me to know how many people visit for the very first time and get to experience all the sights, sounds and smells. There is always a great deal of […]

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Bellwether Music Festival 2019

Day One Music festivals exist as liminal spaces, at least for me. While some names may stick out as the headliners of an event others exist as an unknown, which opens up the opportunity for me to experience something new. This is especially true when it comes to a genre of music I’m generally unfamiliar […]

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5 People Who Changed Elizabeth I Life

Throughout her life, people flocked to Elizabeth. Some sought alliances, others to fall into her favor. But only a few truly left an impact on her. From political allies to romantic partners, some stood out from the crowd and others who were most notable in their absence. I could easily have made a Top 10 […]

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Faire Swag

Go to a concert and take a good look around. You’ll be able to tell who in the audience is a newcomer versus a long time fan or roadie without even speaking to them. They’ll have a t-shirt that was only available at a tour ten years ago. Maybe their jacket was signed by the […]

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