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Come As You Are

Amid the pageantry of faire, it can be easy to forget that a lot of our guests come just as they are, in what we would refer to as ‘street clothes’ or ‘muggle wear’. We put a lot of emphasis on arriving in garb and putting on a show, but it’s important to remember that […]

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Secret Drink Menu

Alcohol was commonplace during the Renaissance. For one thing, the water quality was often not safe to drink. For another, alcohol was used to preserve food, used in recipes, and mixed with medicinal herbs. Even in the New World, it was discovered that Mesoamerican cultures excelled at fermentation with local produce. Most people drank beer […]

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5 Best Places to See Her Royal Majesty

No matter where you go in the village, there is one question on everyone’s lips. “Where can I find the Queen?” It’s no surprise that people are always looking for her. ORF’s Queen Elizabeth is probably one of the most sought after members of the cast by guests young and older. She has her photograph […]

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5 Ways To Experience ORF On a Budget

Everybody these days is pretty budget-conscious, and who can blame them? You work hard for your money and you want to spend it wisely. Finding ways to enjoy yourself and entertain your family without breaking the bank is a pretty important step, and ORF can be a great budget-friendly venue if you go with a […]

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