Amid the pageantry of faire, it can be easy to forget that a lot of our guests come just as they are, in what we would refer to as ‘street clothes’ or ‘muggle wear’. We put a lot of emphasis on arriving in garb and putting on a show, but it’s important to remember that you don’t have to come all dressed up to have a good time with us. It isn’t a requirement. In fact, sometimes you can have more fun without the garb! So let’s talk about some good reasons to go casual for a fantastic weekend at the Ohio Renaissance Festival!

We came out to enjoy the festival and just have a really great time!”

1: No Muss, No Fuss

Let’s face it, the fancier you dress the more you have to worry over your clothing! When you dress down, you know everything you’re wearing can be thrown in the washer when you get home! You get smeared at the Mudde Show? No problem! Party foul at the pub? Why worry? Spill ribs on your shirt? There are t-shirts at the souvenir stand. It’s much less troubling than wearing full garb. So put on a sundress and just enjoy the atmosphere.

2: Too Hot to Trot

ORF has done a great job in providing more shade for all the guests to relax in. But it’s hard to cool down when you’ve got two or three layers on. September this year as switched between tolerable and sweltering! With fall just around the corner I know we’re all hoping for some cooler weather, but even now it’s supposed to be in the high 80’s! I can’t blame people for wanting to dress in shorts and a t-shirt to avoid working up a sweat in the lanes.

3: Try Before You Buy

If you arrive already in garb, it can be difficult to try things on and experiment with new looks. You can always build a garb from the ground up if you like, or give your first corset a shot. ORF offers a lot of different vendors with a variety of handmade merchandise to suit your needs. I’ve seen people who aren’t into the garb come back to buy a new belt from their favorite leatherworker because it’s just more comfortable. Some people come for the jewelry shops and the unique pieces they offer. You don’t need garb to find a little something for your day to day style.

4: Field Trip

Did you know the Ohio Renaissance Festival offers a Special Discount rate for school field trips? We had a big group from one of the local middle schools come in during Fantasy weekend and they looked like they were having a blast! They certainly looked ready for the 90 degree heat. If you are venturing out to ORF in a big group then coming in your regular clothes is just a matter of convenience.

5: First-Timer

First-timers taking in their first Pirate Comedy Stunt Show!

A lot of people who come to faire for the very first time don’t know that you can dress up! They think it’s for Cast only! This is far from the truth, but we get it if you’ve never been before and you aren’t sure if you really want to dress. Take your time, get a feel for the faire, and make that decision for yourself. We’re happy you came to play with us no matter what! There is plenty to do here that doesn’t involve a costume. There are over fifteen stages packed with shows for you to come and enjoy! We have food courts dotting the entire area from crepes to soft tacos. There is jousting and demonstrations happening throughout the day. This is more than just a place to come and shop. It’s an event in and of itself.

It’s important to remember that ORF is a playground for everyone to enjoy together, not just the people who dress up. Every year hundreds of thousands of people come into the gates and most of the are just there to have a good time. They bring their family, friends and office buddies out to take in the sights and sounds of the faire. So don’t feel like you have to go and spend money on a costume if you don’t want to. Dress comfortably and for the weather. Just come prepared to play.