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Weird Tudor Christmas Traditions

Holiday traditions around the world bring to mind a sense of joy and good tidings. Each tradition carries a special meaning, many of which go back for generations. But if we were to take a look back about five hundred years ago, Christmas would seem almost unfamiliar. The holiday that now dominates most of the […]

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Wild & Wonderful Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is just a few weeks away. As we approach the start of the cyclical winter wonderland there are certain traditions that many of us just can’t go without. Everyone celebrates the holidays a little differently. Some folks are guided by their faith, others by their family and cultural heritage. Some mainstays are […]

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Celtic Pride: Who Were The Celts?

Celtic ‘is a magic bag, into which anything may be put, and out of which almost anything may come.” – J.R.R Tolkien We, by and large, are a nation descended from immigrants. The people who, by choice or by force, left behind the land of their birth and crossed a dark, endless ocean to come […]

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Meet the Jousters: Combatant’s Keep

The smell of horse sweat. The pounding of hooves. The anticipation as the lance lowers. The roar of the crowd… Every year, the Ohio Renaissance Festival hosts a jousting troupe at the Arena of Champions, giving our guests the opportunity to witness this age-old sport themselves. As the Queen takes the dais and the knights […]

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The Medieval Period vs. The Renaissance

From Viking gatherings to pirate fests, fairy conventions, and cultural festivities, America has no shortage of faires and festivals to attend during the year. Renaissance faires are no exception. With a renewed interest in the mainstream cultural consciousness, we’ve seen everyone taking advantage of the renewed popularity and spreading the news by creating content through […]

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Courtship & Marriage in the Tudor Era

Honour, riches, marriage-blessing,  Long continuance, and increasing,  Hourly joys be still upon you!  Juno sings her blessings upon you.  Willaim Shakespeare, The Tempest These days we think of love and marriage as a somewhat nebulous concept. For some, it’s a deeply spiritual commitment that joins willing people together. To others, it’s more like one option […]

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