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The Suitors of Queen Elizabeth I

Following the death of her less-than-popular half-sister, Queen Mary I, Elizabeth Tudor ascended the throne in 1559 and became Queen Elizabeth I, Gloriana Regina, the sovereign queen of England and Ireland. Almost immediately following this momentous occasion came the inevitable question posed to every monarch sooner or later, but most especially Queens who ruled alone: […]

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How to Celebrate Christmas Like a Tudor

With two weeks left of Yuletide Village, many of us are excited to celebrate the midwinter season with our holiday of choice. Family traditions often go back generations, connecting with cultural expectations throughout the world and adding a sense of familiar comfort to the festivities. However, if you’re looking to bring a bit of the […]

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Wet, Wild and Wonderful: An Interview with the Washer Well Wenches

A (Very) Brief History of the Laundress In the annals of history, the work of the average individual is overlooked in favor of the life-world-altering events that so often define our knowledge of the past. This is especially true of tasks that were considered ‘women’s work’. The drudgery of maintaining a household cannot possibly be […]

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Weird Tudor Christmas Traditions

Holiday traditions around the world bring to mind a sense of joy and good tidings. Each tradition carries a special meaning, many of which go back for generations. But if we were to take a look back about five hundred years ago, Christmas would seem almost unfamiliar. The holiday that now dominates most of the […]

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Wild & Wonderful Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is just a few weeks away. As we approach the start of the cyclical winter wonderland there are certain traditions that many of us just can’t go without. Everyone celebrates the holidays a little differently. Some folks are guided by their faith, others by their family and cultural heritage. Some mainstays are […]

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