Weekends & Labor Day: August 31 - October 27, 2024 10:30 am — 7:00 pm

ORF Mini Adventures

Ohio Renaissance Festival Mini Adventures

Free games, quests, & activities

There’s more going on just under the surface at the Ohio Renaissance Festival!During your festival day you could make the trade of a lifetime, be the champion of a scavenger hunt, have a playdate with a pirate, or become a spy master!

a yellow rune painted on a a wooden coin

Viking Trade Game

One of ORF’s hidden gems, this game invites children to make their best trade with street cast and artisans. What can you trade? Our traders love pretty rocks, jokes, or even a smile in return for trading trinkets! Just look for the symbol shown here to locate participating traders.

Great For Children

When: every festival day | Where: throughout the festival

a man holding up a pink, rosebud shaped gemstone

Order of the Rose & Skull

The Order of the Rose & Skull is a secret society of spies working to protect and preserve England. Marked by a rosebud with a winking skull, the order seeks recruits in Willy-Nilly to communicate with other members and seek special individuals known to be within the village.

Identifying photos of the individuals sought tagged with #ORFORS2022 could enter recruits to win a 20 carat ruby marker as they see the members wear.

Recruits will have their own marker and can engage further with members on the ORFORS – 2022 Facebook group.

Great For Children

When: every festival day | Where: throughout the festival

Siren Games

Join the Sirens at the Special Event Booth at 1:45 pm every festival day for a weekly rotating game. From Peacock Walking Contests to Magpie’s Shiny Scavenger Hunt it’s fun for all ages, free to play, and winners get a special prize! More info about upcoming games can be found on the Siren’s Facebook page.

Great For Children

When: 1:45 pm every festival day | Where: Special Events Ticket Booth

a dnd mini figurine of a queen

ORF Finders Keepers

Can you find the trinkets hidden somewhere on the festival grounds? Every festival day special prizes are hidden around the festival and hints to their locations are posted on Facebook and Instagram under the hashtag #orfinderskeepers. If you find it it’s yours! Just post your find with #orfinderskeepers.

Great For Children

When: every festival day | Where: throughout the festival

two women smile and point to their red W wench pins

IWG Local 73 Wench Collecting

Collect them all! Find one of the International Wench Guild Local 73 Wenches of Myth by looking for the red “W” pins and ask for a (consensual) photo with them. Once you collect 7 wenches total, you can ask a wench for a mediocre prize.

When: every festival day | Where: throughout the festival

a fairy chases a child as they both laugh

Fairy Playtime

Fairy Playtime, during Fantasy Weekend, allows you to frolic and play classic recess games with the fairies of ORF.

Great For Children

When: Every festival day, 12:30 pm | Where: Whimsy Woods

Pirate Playtime

Pirate Playtime, during Pirates Weekend, allows you to play and compete against the ORF pirate crew.

Great For Children

When: Every festival day, 2:30 pm | Where: Chess Field

couples stand, looking lovingly at each other

Mass Vow Renewal

At the mass vow renewal, during Romance Weekend, couples from around the land re-declare their love.

When: October 12 & 13, 12:30 pm | Where: St. Peter’s Chapel

a woman in watermelon colors raises his arms in triumph.

Pumpkin Vs. Watermelon War

The Watermelon vs. Pumpkin War, is a highly contested battle between the sweet fruits of summer and the hearty gourds of fall for true vegetative supremacy. Held during Feast of Fools Weekend, it’s your chance to back your team. Are you team Pumpkin or team Watermelon? Dress in your teams colors (orange for Pumpkins and pink for Watermelons) and come cheer on your champions at the P vs. W human match!

Learn more about the Pumpkin vs. Watermelon War

When: October 19 & 20, 5 pm | Where: Chess Field

a mother helps her child walk along wearing a pumpkin costume

Village Trick or Treating

Bring a pillow case and celebrate Halloween by trick or treating throughout the village. Children 12 and under receive free admission!

Great For Children

When: October 26 & 27 | Where: throughout the festival