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Tricks or Treats Weekend 2019

There are many places in the world that take away from you. Faire gives. The last weekend is always a difficult one to experience. All the merriment of the run culminates in two days of bursting energy. We’re all excited, determined to give our very best before the final gate closes. Even in the pouring […]

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Barbarian Invasion Weekend 2019

As the weather turns brisk and the layers come out, so do the hoards of guests determined to pay a visit to ORF. There were plenty of smiles and swords out this last weekend as every iteration of the term barbarian came to play. Everything from Conan to Mad Max made an appearance, allowing for […]

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Festival’s Favorite Foods

Nothing beats faire food! The Ohio Renaissance Festival goes all out to provide a variety of options for you to choose from. Around every corner is a food stall, a snack booth, or a pretzel seller offering you a tasty treat. We all have our favorites, I personally love the gumbo from KJ’s Cajun Cuisine. […]

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