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Baby’s First Ren Faire

Ask anyone you know about their first visit to the Ohio Renaissance Festival and you can see their eyes light up as they launch into their memories of what a wonderful time they had. The faire has changed a lot over the years, but something we have never given up is our dedication to making […]

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Yuletide Village Walkthrough

Only one week left to experience the beauty of Yuletide Village: Season of Lights! We’re open this Friday from 5-9 pm and Saturday from 3-9 pm. Before you visit, take a look at our walkthrough video below and see what’s waiting for you.

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Yuletide Village 2022!

Get ready for a wonderland of holiday excitement! Yuletide Village opens this weekend, giving you and yours four weekends of seasonal celebrations. With just a few more days until the fun begins, we’ve got plenty of new and returning entertainment for you to enjoy. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to schedule your […]

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Yuletide Village is Coming!

With the renaissance festival behind us, our village has begun to look forward to the winter holiday season. Our site crew was up bright and early the Monday after ORF, lights in hand, ready to transform this 1572 Tudor town into a twinkling lane of colorful cheer. This will be the 3rd season for Yuletide […]

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ORFans Boot Camp

It’s always nice to see the various guilds and groups out here grow each year. New people coming into the park means more opportunities for people to find one another and bring the magic of the Ohio Renaissance Festival into their lives. People find community out here, and one of our fastest-growing groups is the […]

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Celtic Fest Ohio 2022

While the 1572 Roadhouse opening signals the beginning of summer, Celtic Fest Ohio is the start of our festival season out at Renaissance Park. There are multiple events each month as we move forward to the end of the year, from Muddy Princess to the 20th Century Circus, the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Brimstone Haunt, and […]

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Meet the Jousters: Combatant’s Keep

The smell of horse sweat. The pounding of hooves. The anticipation as the lance lowers. The roar of the crowd… Every year, the Ohio Renaissance Festival hosts a jousting troupe at the Arena of Champions, giving our guests the opportunity to witness this age-old sport themselves. As the Queen takes the dais and the knights […]

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