Weekends & Labor Day: September 2 - October 29, 2023 10:30 am — 7:00 pm

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Steampunk Symposium 2022

Every year, as the winter veil slowly begins to draw back and makes way for sunny days ahead, I find myself geared up for event season once more. I ache to get out of the house and have an adventure with a couple of my fellow Rennies as we begin the long march towards Celtic […]

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The Dark Side of the Holidays

We live in a world full of diverse and wonderful traditions. While the Christmas we know and love is a fairly modern concept in the scope of history, many of its traditions and figures have been around in one incarnation or another for much longer. Entities like Santa Clause and Krampus are among the most […]

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Yuletide Village 2021: Opening Weekend

Few things capture the magic & wonder of the season quite like a sprawling village decked out in millions of lights. The ring of carols in your ear, the bustling of the outdoor market, the visit with Santa, or catching sight of Krampus. All these things are brought together at Yuletide Village, Season of Lights […]

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Winter Fun at Yuletide Village

Bundle up! In just three days’ time, we will open the gates for the second year of Yuletide Village, Season of Lights! With guests from all over Ohio looking for ways to spend time with the family this holiday season, Yuletide Village offers a welcome outdoor event to the young and old alike. This venue […]

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Seasonal Switch – Yuletide Village

With ORF behind us, the people behind the gate are putting all their focus on switching out their ren faire flair for yuletide pride! Yuletide Village: Season of Lights returns for its second season starting Nov 26th and continuing through Dec 18th, providing four weekends of winter wonderland fun and excitement. Last year’s inaugural event […]

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Inaugural Yuletide Village Weekend

The chill of winter has settled into the air. The fire pits crackle merrily in the lanes. The glow of lights dance like fairies from every tree and trellis of Willy Nilly! From the gates to the pubs, everyone is ready to experience the joy of the season by visiting the Yuletide Village, Season of […]

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