It may surprise you to know that there is a long-standing tradition of Christmas as a rather frightful time of year. For many places, the long dark of winter was just that, a time of snow, ice, and darkness that permeated the world. One only has to take a look at the folklore of Frau Perchta (Austria), Gryla (Icelandic), Belsnickle (Palatinate), and the Yule Lads (Icelandic) to see there is a certain love of the macabre that comes with the holiday season. Even going forward into the late 1800s, we see Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol makes liberal use of terrifying spirits to prod the miserly Ebeneezer into good behavior. A healthy dose of fear, it would seem, keeps the season spicy and offers up a reminder of the ancient and varied lore that has made the holiday season a mainstay of our yearly cycle.

You may have noticed the sound of screams and chainsaws coming from up on top of the hill last weekend. If so, then everything is going according to plan! After a wonderful Halloween season, Brimstone Haunt decided to bring back some of their favorite scare attractions for A Scary Little Christmas, providing a spooky seasonal event for one and all. Psychosis and the Forgotten Forest took on a slightly more holiday flair, giving folks a break from the merry-making to have a few laughs as they get chased around by tinsel-wearing terrors. Brimstone Haunt even has its very own Krampus sure to leave you quaking in your boots before you leave.

Not much of a haunt person? No worries! Brimstone has plenty of fun activities for you to enjoy while you wait for the braver members of your party to rejoin you. If you head on over to the Hayride area, they’ve set up some lovely booths with games of skill and chance! You can relax by the bonfire with a mug of hot chocolate and some yummy smores kits! If you’re after something a bit more challenging, the haunt plans to have escape rooms set up for the weekend of Dec 10th & 11th. This is a limited-time event, but you can still get Combo Tickets now to enjoy Brimstone Haunt and Yuletide Village together!

Speaking of Yuletide Village, we were lucky enough to catch our Krampus out and about before he heads off for his yearly Krampusnacht run to punish the wicked! Read on below to find out more about this popular Christmas cryptid.

Talk to me about where you are from, where do you call home?

The mountains are my home, the Alpine region. Some believe me German, others believe me Scandinavian, others Russian, but I hail from high up in the mountains, where my horns can touch the stars.

What is your job? What do you do for the holiday season?

Santa Claus makes his two lists. He handles the nice one, and passes the naughty one off to me. St Nick knows about bad behavior, but he cannot do anything about it. On the other hand, I, myself can handle naughty children. I travel about and punish, capture, and scare the children who have misbehaved. I keep my chains and stick handy so I am always ready when the job needs done.

Lets discuss your motivation? Why choose this line of work?

I am a generous….creature. Saint Nick needed a helper, that’s where I come in. And its so much fun to watch the children cry when I come for them, they always beg “Krampus no, I’ve been good!” but I would not be there if they had…and the lie makes them MORE naughty!

Do you enjoy your job? Is it satisfying?

Humans have a saying…if you enjoy your job you do not work a day in your life? My lot in life may be simple, but I enjoy what I do. How else would children be persuaded to behave? Threatening them with lumps of coal? Not much of a bad thing to me, means fuel for a fire to warm my hooves by.

What does Krampus do during his downtime? Do you have any hobbies?

People do not believe me because of my appearance, but I enjoy reading sappy romantic novels. I am only busy a month out of the year, and one must remain sharp and occupied. I do dream of someday finding my match like I read in my stories. Santa has a Mrs., my mate is surely out there somewhere.

What is the relationship like between you and Mr. Claus? Professional respect or old friends?

He does his job, I do mine. He provides me the list of the naughty children, so he is not exactly as innocent as they may lead you to believe. Should we pass each other we are cordial and greet one another, but I prefer to do my job alone then go back up into the mountains with my novels.

How are you enjoying your visit to Yuletide Village?

I love it here, so many naughty ones! There’s a very nice lady with a shiny crown on, and she greets me whenever she sees me. Children and adults alike flock to me and like to pet me and marvel at my horns, which I can’t blame them, and I’ve even gotten a few kisses under the mistletoe. AND I have my very own throne and they play music I like while I meet my admirers, I hope that the people of the village keep misbehaving so I can keep coming back again and again.