Weekends & Labor Day: August 31 - October 27, 2024 10:30 am — 7:00 pm


Just a few more days!

The week before opening is a special time for many of us. We all start taking inventory, knowing that we need to have everything packed and in its place so we don’t forget any of our garb or equipment on the first weekend. The newbie cast members are full of excitement and nerves as they […]

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Ohio Renaissance Festival – New in 2022

There’s no such thing as down time when you’re running a renaissance festival. Every year the Ohio Renaissance Festival gets a little bigger. With our growing popularity in-mind we put additional effort into improving the park for all our wonderful visitors. This means spending months curating new events, building or updating our village, and scouting […]

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Meet the Jousters: Combatant’s Keep

The smell of horse sweat. The pounding of hooves. The anticipation as the lance lowers. The roar of the crowd… Every year, the Ohio Renaissance Festival hosts a jousting troupe at the Arena of Champions, giving our guests the opportunity to witness this age-old sport themselves. As the Queen takes the dais and the knights […]

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Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health is not something we openly discuss. Maybe it’s the way most of us were raised. You don’t talk about that kind of thing in public. It’s a private concern, perhaps even a family one, and therefore nobody’s business but your own. The downside is that this perspective often leads those of us suffering […]

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Courtship & Marriage in the Tudor Era

Honour, riches, marriage-blessing,  Long continuance, and increasing,  Hourly joys be still upon you!  Juno sings her blessings upon you.  Willaim Shakespeare, The Tempest These days we think of love and marriage as a somewhat nebulous concept. For some, it’s a deeply spiritual commitment that joins willing people together. To others, it’s more like one option […]

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