Weekends & Labor Day: August 31 - October 27, 2024 10:30 am — 7:00 pm

The Suitors of Queen Elizabeth I

Following the death of her less-than-popular half-sister, Queen Mary I, Elizabeth Tudor ascended the throne in 1559 and became Queen Elizabeth I, Gloriana Regina, the sovereign queen of England and Ireland. Almost immediately following this momentous occasion came the inevitable question posed to every monarch sooner or later, but most especially Queens who ruled alone: […]

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2024 Garb & Cosplay Predictions

As the popularity of ORF continues to grow, we see an increasing number of clever, creative, and delightful folk joining in with cosplay and garb creations that make the streets of Willy Nilly more colorful than ever! From detailed, historically accurate period works to the latest popular gaming characters, it’s always fun to know our […]

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How to Celebrate Christmas Like a Tudor

With two weeks left of Yuletide Village, many of us are excited to celebrate the midwinter season with our holiday of choice. Family traditions often go back generations, connecting with cultural expectations throughout the world and adding a sense of familiar comfort to the festivities. However, if you’re looking to bring a bit of the […]

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Why We Love Yuletide Village!

Did you know you can tag us? Use #yuletidevillage or #ytv23 so we can find you on Instagram & TikTok! Feature Image Credit to: Ashlee Williams Yuletide Village is quickly becoming a favorite for Ohioans looking to spend the winter weekend amid twinkling lights. Every year we come together to celebrate the holidays in a […]

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Prepare for a Season of Lights!

Are you ready to celebrate winter in a picturesque outdoor village? Yuletide Village 2023 starts this Friday, bringing an array of delights that are perfect for your family festivities. This glowing lights display expands across Renaissance Park, the same place as the famous Ohio Renaissance Festival, and gives folks the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere […]

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