Every year is an opportunity to learn from your experiences. Some years present more opportunities than others. So why not lean into it? During 2020, Renaissance Park has dedicated itself to trying new ideas and concepts to provide a variety of activities throughout the year. They saw what works, what didn’t, and strived to make improvements so they can see what can be continued into the next year. Small events can become major venues and each one brings an opportunity for all of us to return to the grounds and try out something new.

We treated you to movies under the stars

The 1572 Roadhouse Bar-B-Q broke out the big screen with Free Friday Flicks at the Shipwreck stage, hosting cult classics and fantasy hits from the ’80s and ’90s. You could come early, grab a bite at the 1572, set up a couple of lawn chairs inside the socially distanced squares, and relax for the evening with the likes of Labyrinth, The Goonies, Willow, & The Princess Bride. It was an inexpensive, fun way to spend time outside the house with responsibility in mind. So much so that we plan to bring Free Friday Flicks BACK in 2021 with a new roster of movies to keep you entertained! The screen goes on when the sun goes down so keep your Fridays available starting in late May/early June 2021!

Lights Floated Above Renaissance Park

The area outside the gates was the set up for The Lights, a wonderful gathering opportunity for everyone to come and experience a moment of hope and joy together. They host many lantern events throughout the country, splitting the events between sky lantern and water lantern release ceremonies. The Lights frequently uses this opportunity to promote worthy causes and charities, drawing attention to many of the issues that plague our world. Last weekend’s release was dedicated to Operation Underground Railroad, a group dedicated to fighting against child sex trafficking.

Concerts rocked the shipwreck stage

Renaissance Park also brought out 1572 Presents, a series of live bands on the Shipwreck stage for the crowds to enjoy. Between cover bands rocking out to ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s music all the way to original artists offering country favorites it made for a perfect Saturday leading up to the Magical Days, Madrigal Knights mini-festivals. Even better, it’s coming back again in 2021 with new acts! Keep your eyes open for the lineup next year.

BBQ, Brews, and Motors brought you to the 1572 Roadhouse Bar-B-Q

1572 Bike Nights & Car shows offered a great taste of bbq, cold brews, and beautiful automobiles to enjoy. Combine that with local bands, good company, and the enjoyment of the ren faire grounds for a fun and easy afternoon in the sun! The 1572 Roadhouse BBQ is also available for catering for the Thanksgiving season so get your orders in now!

We had some truly Magial Days

Magical Days, Madrigal Knights provided an opportunity for fans of the Ohio Renaissance Festival to come to the grounds and enjoy what has quickly become known as ‘mini-faire’ or ‘faire-lite’. With social distancing and local mask mandates in mind, the event was limited-access, giving people room to spread out and still have fun. Many of ORF’s favorite stage acts emerged from a multi-month hiatus to provide thrills and spectacle week after week. The cast was on point, giving their all whether it was the village giving a rousing demonstration of Rat Pucking across the field or the Fiendish Sisters serving Jameson’s Whiskey! The Madrigal Feast in the Queen’s Hall stole the show with over an hour of great food and variety shows to keep you entertained! This event was under such high demand that they had to add a whole new weekend just to cover demand. Plans are currently being discussed to see if the feast can be repeated in 2021, so pay attention to the ORF Facebook page for details.

Your socks got scared off!

Brimstone Haunt opened it’s doors, inviting you to experience fear through the end of October. With four haunts to choose from, there is a little something for everyone to try out. Psychosis is probably the most intense of the walkthroughs, with the Forgotten Forest a close second and the Haunted Hayride a little less brutal for younger scare enthusiasts. Zombie Assault is a pretty chill way to live out your favorite zombie apocalypse movie. If you’re looking for a way to relax while the more thrill-seeking members of your group spend a few hours screaming their lungs out, there is a bonfire circle waiting for you along with snacks at the concession stand and hot drinks for the fall chill. Brimstone Haunt is still open this coming Friday and Saturday (October 30th and 31st). The ticket booth opens at 7 pm, but you can beat the lines by getting your tickets online at brimstonehaunt.com.

And The Year is not quite done yet!

As we round the corner into winter, the skies turn gray and the wind turns cold, bringing snow our way. But that doesn’t mean we’re done with the fun just yet! That’s right folks, something is waiting for us as the holiday season starts. Get your winter weather garb out of storage and keep checking back at the ORF Facebook page for more information as it becomes available..