As the popularity of ORF continues to grow, we see an increasing number of clever, creative, and delightful folk joining in with cosplay and garb creations that make the streets of Willy Nilly more colorful than ever! From detailed, historically accurate period works to the latest popular gaming characters, it’s always fun to know our guests are enthusiastic participants. So, let’s peek at our predictions for what you’ll see in 2024!

Dune: Part Two

With the next installment of the Dune series making its debut, it would come as no surprise to see Bene Gesserit and cosplays of Feyd-Rautha walking around in the upcoming season. This unique blend of fantasy and science fiction has captured people’s imaginations for generations. Many of the cosplays can be easily purchased through online shops. Still, there is something about the aesthetic of a well-worn, handmade stillsuit that warms our nerdy hearts!

Damsel/The Princess/Distressed Hero

In the past few years, a new twist on an old trope has gained some attention in movies like The Princess (2022) and Damsel (2024). This is a breath of fresh air in the fantasy genre, bringing the heroes’ journey to a less mythologized and more hard-hitting emotional conclusion. Forget the knights in shining armor. Get ready for heroes in battle-worn, burnt, beat-up armor that proves they went to hell and back and survived to tell the tale.

Baldur’s Gate 3

If you haven’t heard about it, you haven’t been on the internet lately. This engaging, character-driven turn-based RPG allows for possibly the most immersive DND experience outside of LARPing…or a really invested DM. We expect to see a plethora of Tav’s and Durge’s (player-created characters) strolling about with turkey legs. Not to mention cosplays of everyone’s favorite romance options, happy to pause for photos and offer a line of dialogue.

Blue Eyed Samurai

A wonderfully complex tale of revenge and consequence, this series takes place during Japan’s sakoku period, in which foreigners were forbidden from the island nation on pain of death. Not only is the story well worth hearing, but the stylistic and eye-catching costume design is sure to provide inspiration for cosplay enthusiasts. Capturing both the elegance of the Edo period and the regalia of 17th-century Europe, we fully expect to see samurai and smugglers alike at this year’s ORF.


Nothing beats sci-fi apocalypse aesthetics, and there is plenty headed our way. Between two popular game franchises and a continuation of the Mad Max saga set to be big hits early in 2024, there will be plenty of ‘shiny and chrome’ to be had! Prepare to be beset with grungy folks in hard-core retrofuturistic wasteland gear. We look forward to seeing the vivid colors, torn leather, and metal that will surely come looking for Nuka Cola.   

Want to cosplay but don’t know the rules of the realm? Check out our FAQ for more information, including general guidelines for cosplay and garb.