Note: The Ohio Renaissance Festival does not currently have plans for a time capsule. This blog is about what you, as a patron/rennie, would want to see in a time capsule and why our experiences there have value.

Looking back on all we have seen and done, it’s stunning to realize that this season marks the 35th year of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. From the first opening gate to the expansion into Whimsy Woods, ORF has grown and changed so much. Our faire brings the fantastical and historical within reach, allowing guests to choose their own adventure every time they visit. There are people here who remember the 90s, back when everything was cobbled together in a massive field dotted with booths and stages and not a drop of shade to be found. There are folks for whom 2024 will mark the very first time they have ever set foot on the grounds, though hopefully far from the last. But to all of us, the village of Willy-Nilly is a special place. A place that has been shared down through the generations.

Last week, we asked our most devoted patron groups a simple question: What would you put in an ORF time capsule to be opened 50 years from now, and why? And boy did they answer!

An ORF Mug

It’s no surprise that people would want an ORF mug to be included. The seasonal mug is a big part of faire culture, with people clamoring to see the new designs revealed and lining up as soon as the canon goes off to get one for themselves. The only question would be, which one? For our money, we think either a mug from the first year they became available OR one of the treasured and highly sought-after 2021 mugs. If you can find one, that is!

A Favor Saver

Toss in my Favor Saver and my Mug Dangles. They represent me, my friends, the faire in a way that would be hard to explain.

Sara Alexandria Jandolenko
Photo Credit to: Heather Mullen

Favor savers are the perfect accessory for any rennie or frequent attendant of the Renaissance festival. This simple piece of cloth stores memories in the form of pins and favors collected from all of the shows and walk-about characters that visitors encounter during the festival season. Each favor savor is its own unique piece. No two are alike, no one can be replaced. And as the years float past, some shows are no longer on, making the pins a rare collection of ren faire history.

Pictures of Cast & Crew

Every season, folks gather to become a part of the proud tradition that is the ORF Street Cast. This gaggle of creators, theater kids, musicians, and people who just really want to go to ren faire every day show up year after year for auditions. If selected, they brave the boiling heat, muddy lanes, and freezing temperatures in full garb just to entertain our guests. While the veterans of the cast are a constant, it’s not unusual for cast members to filter in and out depending on their availability. Since cast a changing tapestry of characters and personalities that makes the village more diverse and interesting. Cast photos, or even a cast-exclusive t-shirt, would be a valuable addition to any time capsule.

Bits & Bobbles

One of my trader’s badges and encourage them that you are never too young or too old to enjoy playing at Renn Faire! It is immersive theater and history and play all at once! The thing about Ohio is it truly feels like family!

Skye Andavarroi
Photo Credit to: Maria Molino

A lot of our suggestions came from folks who wanted to add a touch of themselves and what was precious to them. Take a look at the list below and ask yourself, what would I want to contribute to future generations?

leather mugstrap#7 bottle corkdagger/sword/axefaire dirt (glitter included)
corset/boot lacingbellsfox tailroses
sunscreenwater bottlebroken joust lancekilt
book of faire songsturkey leg boneTudor rose flag/pinshirt w mud pit mud