In 2012 & 2013, I had the singular pleasure of participating in the cast of the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Even though I was only able to join for two years, it has remained one of the most delightful experiences of my life and I have longed to return to their amazing family ever since. So you can imagine my excitement when I was approached to write a blog for them! I have never been more ready to embrace such an opportunity and to return to my love of the faire now that it has grown so much.

So harken unto me fellow travelers, and let us start this blog off right!

I, like everyone else, feel a rush of excitement as the cold winter is shrugged away. The smell of warm air and sunshine beckons and I know that faire season is right around the corner. As we approach the beginning of the 30th festival season, it is wonderful to see how much waits to be explored within the village gates. Everyone I know is already making preparations because for faire folk the time between now and Opening Day isn’t as far away as you think. There are clothes to be sewn, booths to be built, accents to be refined, and events to attend between now and then. I, for one, can’t wait to get started and I’d be more than pleased to take all of you along with me on this adventure.

What to expect from the blog

Find me at any ORF event and share your thoughts and ideas!

The ORF blog is about much more than the 8 wondrous weekends we spend playing pretend in the cornfields. Ren faire is an experience to be shared. Once you join it becomes a part of you and you find yourself counting down the time until you can be with your found family once more. As we hunger for the next time we get to lace up our corsets and scabbards, there are dozens of ways to enjoy the events associated with the Ohio Renaissance Festival. My desire is to share that world with you, both those who have never visited the village of Willy-Nilly-on-the-Wash, and those who know its entire history by heart.

Think of this blog as an insiders look at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. There will be opportunities to explore the more in-depth aspects such as the cast and guilds that make your visit a unique one. We will explore the history of the faire and talk about what it takes to create such an expansive playground in the heart of Ohio. We’ll also take a look at the stage performers, artisans, and musicians who keep the tradition alive by mastering skills and creating custom pieces.

As ORF opens, we can explore the village together and find the best places to eat, drink, and relax all season long. We will help you figure out ways to feed your family on a budget, and how to create authentic Elizabethan garb for your visit! As each themed weekend passes we will recount the revelry with pictures and comments from fellow faire-goers.

A new article each week!

Come back every week for more articles, pictures, and fun as we get ready for the 2019 season and the 30th year of the Ohio Renaissance Festival! Get your season tickets and we will see you at Celtic Fest Ohio on June 14-16th!

So what are you most looking forward to? What kind of articles do you want to see? Find me at faire and ORF events all year long, and don’t forget to post your own photos to Instagram under the #orfstories hashtag so everyone can enjoy your ORF experience for themselves.

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Photo Credit: BBC1 Blackadder