Weekends & Labor Day: August 31 - October 27, 2024 10:30 am — 7:00 pm

Village Voices

An initiative to gather content from our outrageously talented and creative community to showcase on our social media platforms and elsewhere.

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about Village Voices

Our festival comes together with the talent and creativity of our staff, cast, performers, crafters & artisans, ORFans, patrons, and guests. We want share your ideas and content on our large social media platforms.

It’s time we hear voices from all around the festival!

How it works

Create Content

Create your unique content. It can be a video, image, artwork, or photograph. Please see our content guidelines and specifications for sizes and formats.

Submit Your Content

Use the form below to submit your content for consideration.

Share Your Voice

If you content is selected we will feature it on one of our social media platforms/marketing outlets such as Facebook, Instagram (feed, stories, reels), and Tik Tok

Content Specifications

Video Content

Size Ratio: 9:16 (upright/portrait phone style)

Video Length: Up to 3 minutes. Please note: video length will affect the platform the content may end up on.

  • Tik Tok: up to 3 minutes
  • Facebook: up to 3 minutes
  • Instagram feed: up to 1 minute
  • Instagram story: up to 15 seconds
  • Instagram Reel: 1 minute

Image Content

Size Ratio: Any

Accepted Types:

  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Drawings
  • Paintings

Accepted Formats

  • jpg
  • gif
  • png

Content Guidelines

  • Be aware of copyright considerations. Do not use any copyrighted music or imagery.
  • Submission is no guarantee of publication. The Ohio Renaissance Festival reserves the right to curate submissions.
  • Credit will be given with the name and/or social media handles you provide in the content submission form. Please be aware that credits and link backs will be limited by platform. However, all due efforts will be made to credit the content creator.
  • By submitting your content you give The Ohio Renaissance Festival and Brimstone & Fire, LLC the right to modify and distribute your content.
  • Modifications may include resizing and cropping content to fit a platform’s specifications as well as showing multiple content submissions in elements such as compilations.
  • You retain rights to your content and may distribute it as well.
  • Content may NOT contain: racism, sexism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, white nationalism, excessive violence, drug use, or underage drinking, or any other objectional content. The Ohio Renaissance Festival reserves the right to judge all content submitted for appropriateness.
  • The Ohio Renaissance Festival retains the right to refuse content from individuals who run cross-grain to our values and standards.
  • No one under the age of 18 may submit content unless their parent or guardian is participating in the submission.

Advertising and Monetizing Policy

  • We do NOT monetize any of our social media platforms. We will make no ad revenue from your content.
  • You content will NOT be used as part of any sponsorship.
  • Your content will NOT be used in paid advertisements or paid marketing.
  • You are free to use your content on your own platforms and monetize it.

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